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just do it
do it again
and win
Fly me to
the moon
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do it again

do it again is my second CD, the first being just do it. That title taken from a song I wrote when I was just starting singing .That song arose from dealing with the irrational fear I had felt since a child of speaking or performing in public. In a moment of madness I decided to do something about this fear that I felt was stopping me from being fully who I was.

Woops! I had started on a new career path, but I didn't know it yet. After the initial serious horror of performing (a story in itself) I found I loved singing cruisy Billy Holliday style jazz ballads, and another great surprise, people said they liked to hear me sing. That was, I guess about 5 years ago now.

I'm so glad George Gershwin wrote the song Do It Again which is the perfect title for this second album. The hardest part of the album was finding a picture that I liked of myself for the cover!!! I decided it would be fun to have my furry pal Seymour be part of this one. He's a staffy/dachshund cross and is my constant companion even coming with me to Australia for part of the year. He is smart and gorgeous has a predilection for things beginning with B. Like beachy, bally, boney, bickie, and of course Briar! (He doesn't have much choice about that). The shot of us with a tropical palm and beautiful Auckland harbour in the background worked well. Then I also just had to put in the cute shot of him begging for his ball.

The other is of myself with Phil Broadhurst who plays beautifully on the album along with Julie Mason. Phil is also the producer. I am very grateful to have all the wonderfully talented people playing with me again. Andy Brown (bass), Frank Gibson (drums), Murray Tanner (Trumpet and Flugelhorn), with the welcome addition of Roger Manins on tenor sax.

No amount of thanks and praise can be enough for Julie Mason whose tutoring and piano playing is so great and perfect for the songs I do. I would not have come this far without her generosity and support. She is kicking me out of the nest though, and tells me I must get my own band together and do more festivals etc! So that's my next challenge.

The internet holds new and exciting possibilities for marketing products like mine that are self produced. Hence my web page at which contains information on both CDs and ordering facilities, and sound samples. You can also order by phone or fax. Please visit the site and say Hi.
Thanks also to Yolanta Woldendorp for her photographic and design skills, and Peter Roband for helping with graphics again. Also the great team at Radio New Zealand Studios, and York Street Studios for mixing and mastering (so many buttons!).

This time maybe some of you will have heard of me from just do it, and I hope you enjoy do it again as much. To new listeners;
if you like this, you will probably like the first album and I will be happy to get one to you. Launching this CD on the eve of the new millennium, from New Zealand, the first country to see the new dawn, my hope is peace for us all.


do it again

  1. a sailboat in the moonlight Lombardo/Loeb 3.26
  2. i'm gonna lock my heart Eaton/Shand 2.32
  3. do it again Gershwin/De Sylva 3.41
  4. mean to me Turk/Ahlert 4.08
  5. you call it madness Conrad/DuBois/Columbo/Gregory 5.20
  6. my romance Rogers/Hart 4.37
  7. everything happens to me Dennis/Adair 4.40
  8. down with love Arlen/Harburg 1.40
  9. i thought about you Van Heusen/Mercer 4.07
  10. i should care Weston/Stordhal/Cahn 5.13
  11. these foolish things Strachey/Maschwitz 4.25
  12. room in my heart Burrows/Reiss 3.35
  13. that's life I guess Lewis/De Rose 2.42
  14. laughing at life Kenny/Todd 1.43
  15. everytime we say goodbye Porter 4.45

Briar Ross Vocals
Julie Mason / Phil Broadhurst Piano
Andy Brown Bass
Frank Gibson Drums
Murray Tanner Trumpet and Flugelhorn
Roger Manins Tenor Sax
Frank Gibson plays Remo drums & Sabian cymbals

Recorded at Radio New Zealand Helen Young Studio
23rd / 25th November 1999 (and Engineered)
Mastered at York St Studios, Producer Phil Broadhurst
Photography Design Yolanta Woldendorp
Graphic Design Peter Roband

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c/o Briar Ross, 53b Sentinel Rd, Herne Bay
Auckland, New Zealand Tel/Fax 64 9 3600 308
Mob 021 954 792,


Sample the Sound of the CD " Do It Again"
a sailboat in the moonlight
my romance
down with love
everytime we say goodbye

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